Friday, October 29, 2010

Table Restore...

I have it set in my mind that Cray can fix just about anything. He's got the gift people. He sees the good in a piece of furniture where as I can't see anything good about a beat up broken piece of junk. What can I say I'm blind when it comes to that stuff. Take exhibit A.

This table had that brown paint all over it. Cray liked it though because it had the claw feet legs and it had drop leafs. So he got started on it. Most of the time we work on projects together but homework is what takes up most of my time these days so he didn't have the chance to make me do all the sanding my help.

He did a fantastic job on it, but that really goes without saying if you've ever seen anything that he's worked on. Here are a few shots of the work he had done.

 He took a router to the legs and added some class to them. When he explained his vision for the table I was not seeing the same thing but once again it turned out beautifully.

Here is what it looked like after he put in about 60 plus hours of work on it.


Beautiful right? Now I just need him to turn the garage into the dinning room.

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