Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekend to Do List…

Oh yes I have a list. I love it when my weekends are controlled by a list and schedule. It seems quite un-fair if you ask me. Why should my two days of pure pleasure be controlled?? Oh well such is life.


8-1: Work
1ish: On my lunch break go to Ross to find a dress for bridal shower Sunday, and Bed, Bath and Beyond to find a gift for the blushing bride. Hope I can do this all in an hour.

2-5: Work some more. Really it’s just staring at my computer being bored out of my mind. In the words of my BFF must be nice to get paid to do nothing.

5-5:50: Go home, stupid traffic jam.

6ish: Fix taco salad, YUM!!!

7ish: Maybe start on some laundry and clean a little. I’m thinking fat chance but hey let’s try to think on the positive side.

10ish: Sweet dreaming time


7:30ish: Get up and ready for the day. What the crap!! My one day to sleep in goes down the drain.

8ish: Hope on the bike with Mr. H and head up to Concord to help scrape and paint a house for our small group project at church. Total excited about this project!!

2ish: Head home from a hard day’s work.

3ish: Finish up chores (wish full thinking again I think) and crash for rest of the day. YAY!!


8ish: Up for church

8:45: Off to church

10:30ish: Head home

12:00: Fix Mr. H some lunch and head off to bridal shower.

3ish: Rest of the weekend to myself. YAY!!

I’ll make sure to be back here Monday with pictures of the house project, even though it’s not my house it’s still fun to fix something, and such a great cause to help someone else in need.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I just found this article on from Julie Morgenstern. Very interesting insight on clutter. Did you know that organized stuff can be clutter too!?!?!? I never thought of it that way. Makes me want to go home and clean out the master bedroom closet. Thank you Julie! Here are the top three myths about clutter. Enjoy!!

Myth #1: Clutter is just a bunch of junk you should easily be able to toss.

Truth: Clutter represents an attachment to something you are struggling to release: an old belief system, obsolete need, or unexpressed part of you that needs to be discovered.

Myth #2: Getting rid of clutter will get you organized

Truth: Decluttering will not create a system….it will help you manage change. Releasing the obsolete will get you unstuck—by opening up space for something new. It creates the energy, space to think, and time to figure out what’s next.

Myth #3: Clutter is always messy

Truth: Clutter is what is obsolete, the objects, things and habits that no longer serve you—and it doesn’t have to be disorganized. A perfectly arranged closet filled with clothes you never wear is clutter. So is a perfectly organized day filled with activities that no longer fuel you.

The key is to understand your attachment to the clutter before releasing it—so that you can fulfill the need in a more effective way—or determine that you no longer have that need at all.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weekend Project...

I'm sure you have guessed it, Painting!!! My cousin helps out with this investor who flops houses and of course they have tones of paint and he brought a bunch of it to my in-laws house. So my loving husband and I are going there tonight to see if there is anything I like. I'd be happy even if I just found white so that I can paint the door jams and trim in the house. They are in need of some loving. That and helping Mr. H. out with the cars makes up my Memorial Day weekend. What about you?? Any big plans??

Monday, May 18, 2009

It could be worse…

Sometimes I find myself blue with envy, or is it green? Either way, it’s a hard thing for me to admit. I find that my car is not the best. It has 208 thousand miles on it, a silver finder (the rest of it is gold), and a broken turn signal cover. That’s just the major stuff that sticks out. My house just looks blah. It has no curb appeal. The rooms are not the colors that I want. I hate the carpet. The list goes on.

Yesterday in church our minister talked about power and controlling the greed that manages our lives. He said that we should always be thinking, “It could be worse”. That is so true! I could not have a car or home at all. I am very blessed! When the economy started to tank Mr. H. was hired on full time at the college. What a wonderful blessing. Every day we are blessed and I should always remember it could be worse.

Friday, May 1, 2009


To Coffee! It’s the best stuff in the world! I always need a cup in the morning or I can’t make it through the day. Sad I know! Tell me what’s your addiction??

FYI the husband and I are cleaning out all of the computer stuff from the garage. YAY!! One step closer to turning it into a den. Have a great weekend and try to stay dry!!