Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy First Day of Fall!!!

I must say that autumn is an amazing time of year. The morning air is turning crisp and the gorgeous trees are turning all shades of beautifulness! I LOVE IT!! Thanks to the season change it’s also a great excuse reason to rearrange and redecorate the house with fall like decorations, YAY!! Here are some great pictures Better Homes and Gardens had featured in their fall section. Enjoy!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

50 bucks for slacks or 25, you do the math

Okay so I have really long legs. Which are nice but also a pain in the butt. Nice because I can reach things up high but a pain because I have such a problem finding slacks, shorts, and skirts that actually fit!! If I actually want to buy pants that fit I'd have to pay just about 50 bucks to order them online. Yes 50!!!

So a couple weeks ago I was at the lovely Target checking out the new fall clothes and I found these...

So I went and tried them on and of course they weren't the length that I wanted or needed. But I started looking at the paints and it looked to me like I could take the hem out and re-hem them. YAY!! So this past weekend I purchased some hemming tape.

The best stuff on earth!! I think I would still use this stuff even if I had a sewing machine!!

Then removed the seam, ironed out the paints and cut my tape to size. Then placed the tape ruff side up where I wanted the hem to be.

Then I just ironed the fabric over top for about 5-10 seconds to make the tape melt.

How easy is that?? Now I have paints that fit and I don't feel like a dork when I sit down and my pants go up past my ankles!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

History 131...1 month down, 3 to go

So I’ve finished my first month of school. YAY!! Sometimes I feel like I’m insane for starting school when all my friends are finishing college or are already out but then I get to class and half of the roster is filled with 40 year old and up adults. Makes me feel like it’s worth it when others older than me are trying to get a higher education. All I have to say is good for them because when I’m that I age I don’t think I’ll have that kind of dedication or motivation.

Our first test is in 2 weeks and I’m so nervous. The instructor is cramming 5 chapters into ONE test!! I don’t know if I should be thankfully because that means essentially we only have 3 tests this semester or if I should be freaking out because that means I need to get a B or higher on every test. We also have 3 short writing assignments due this semester along with a 2-3 page essay due at the end of the semester. On top of my class I need to get my paperwork together to join the medical assisting department. So stoked about that!!

My life is craziness!! Though I would not want to be in my BFFs shoes because she has a class twice a week that lasts 8 hours! Crazy right?? She always has her nose in a book!! If she’s not sleeping or eating she is studying.

Well that’s all that’s going on in my life. Work and school, and of course in my free time as many church activities as possible. How’s everyone else doing in the blogger world?? Everyone as excited about autumn as I am?? FYI I did a little DYI project this weekend hemming some slacks. Thankfully the camera worked so I could snap some pictures. I’ll post a blog tomorrow about an easy cheesy way to hem paints without a sewing machine.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer turns into fall, Fall turns into winter

Okay so I just realized that December is 3 very SHORT months away and then the next month is the year 2010!!! How crazy is that???? Where in the world did this year go?!?!

Don't get me wrong I'm very excited about the holidays coming up. I think that's one of my most favorite times of the year. The holidays will be busy this year, not as bad as last year where I had two weddings in December. One the weekend before Christmas and one the weekend after. Let’s see first is Halloween. I've never celebrated Halloween growing up but Cray's family is really into it so they have a party every year. Then Thanksgiving we are going to Kentucky to be with my family. YAY!! Then Christmas is a mix of Cray’s family and mine. Such exciting times but it just makes me realize that I need to start looking into what gifts I need to purchase.

On top of all of that I need to get my act together this month because I need to get all my paperwork together so that I can apply for the medical assisting program. I hope to be accepted for the Spring Semester so everyone keep your fingers crossed!!