Friday, January 15, 2010

The Newlywed Game...

A couple weeks ago one of my good friends asked if Cray and I would be willing to play the Newlywed Game at Wednesday night church as an illustration. She assured me that there would be no embarrassing questions...just some good clean fun.

So after convincing Cray we could do this we agreed. How could I turn down a friend in her time of need?? This past Wednesday night was the game and we won! We were so shocked for one going in we thought we weren't going to know anything and for two it seemed like we missed most of the questions. haha.

All in all we had a blast. I recommend if you ever can play that game DO IT! You'll laugh so much!!

1 comment:

littlekicks said...

we need to get that game and play at the house sometime:)