Monday, January 18, 2010

Romeo & Juliet...

So last night Cray and I watched the newest movie of Romeo & Juliet. (The one with Leonardo Dicaprio) I’m uncertain of this movie. Is it really an epic love story like everyone claims it to be? Sure I can see it being romantic. The forbidden love of two enemies. What’s not romantic about that? The whole love at first sight really throws me off though. I mean sure there is that first attraction. Why date someone if there is never an attraction to begin with? Can someone honestly tell me after one night of passion you could marry someone? I know I couldn’t. Sorry I need to know a little more than you are cute, a good kisser, and you’re a part of my families sworn enemy. I need to know what your hobbies are, what you like to eat, what movies you like, what makes you cry, what makes you mad, what you stand for, do you follow God?

What do you think? Is this an epic love story or just okay? I’m leaning towards just okay.

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littlekicks said...

Its a BS kinda love story, Romeo had been strung out on the drugs mercuito had given him and Juliet just didn't want her parents to control her, they were typical teenagers and would have never made dating it past a year.