Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How Awesome God is...

So yesterday I made my bi-weekly grocery trip. I decided that I would pull cash from the ATM but for some reason what I thought was my correct pin was not my correct pin. I tried twice and no luck. So I went inside and had the teller pull cash for me. She said she would need to send me my pin number for security purposes. So I went on to the store and got all my things on the list plus a couple goodies. Happens every once in awhile. Well I spent 8 bucks over what I had pulled from the bank and of course my card was locked. So the cashier said I needed to pick a couple items to put back. No problem I was just going to put back my extra goodies that we didn’t need. Well the lady behind me asked how much I was over and when the cashier told her she said put it on her ticket. I told her there was no reason to do that. It was my mistake with locking my card and I didn’t need the items. She again told the cashier to put it on her ticket and she said to me if she were in my shoes she would hope the person behind her would do the same for her. I of course got tears in my eyes and said thank you.

The past couple of weeks our minister has been preaching about saying yes to God every morning and doing what He asks us to do. Whether it’s helping someone out or helping lots of people out. It’s all to glorify Gods kingdom and show people His love, and that lady just reminded me so much of it all. I couldn’t believe it. It was such a humbling experience. God is amazing and I love the ways He shows me how much He loves me.

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