Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Past 5 months in reverse...

Cray and I celebrated our 3rd Anniversary on June 21st. We had a blast at the Whitewater Center in Charlotte.

School ended May 10th and unfortunately I failed one of my classes. So I’ll retake that class along with another class in the fall. I think I’m still a little bitter about it. Even though going into my two weeks of finals I did not feel at all confident in moving on it still just kind of sucks. It’s all in God’s hands though and He has a reason for everything.

My 24th birthday was March 14th. Cray took me out for my birthday and that was about it. Still had school that day and homework.

And that about finishes what I’ve been doing the past 5 months. School took up so much of my time. I learned a lot and I look forward to going back in August and learning more. The past 7 weeks I’ve been very lazy. I’m taking a summer class that bores me to no end but I need it for my degree. I keep thinking to myself I need a real job. Working nights and sitting around the house all day is no fun. I look forward to finishing up my schooling and moving on.

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