Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Recap...

Well this weekend was a blast. I really should buy a new camera so I can take some pictures. Maybe someday.

Well while I was finishing my very boring I mean busy day at work my mother called and asked if Cray and I would like to meet them for dinner. (Father is a truck driver and they happened to be about an hour from us) So of course I said “YES” because who would pass up the chance to see their parents. So after work we drove the hour trip to go have some grub. I looked up restaurants in the area and thought there was a Shoney’s one exit up so we decided Shoney’s it was. Well 3 exits later still no Shoney’s or restaurant for that matter. So my dad told Cray to go onto the 74 business Bypass, he figured there would be some restaurants there. Of course he was correct and we stopped at this little Mexican Restaurant called Mexican Fiesta. They had the most amazing food!! After dinner we headed back to the truck stop and continued our visit in the Hardees and play euchre. It looked like my parents were actually going to kick our butts in the game but Cray and I pulled it around and won the game!! J

Saturday I went to a friend’s house and learned the first steps in how to decorate a cake. At the end of the lesson I was no pro for sure but I enjoyed the lesson and the fellowship. After that I went to catch a movie with my friend Mary. Still not sure about the movie, we saw “The Time Travelers Wife”.

Sunday we went to church and then some friends came over for dinner. So it all turned out to be a great weekend!! So here’s a question for all you lovely bloggers, has any reupholstered a sofa?? I’m looking into it and would love some tips!! Happy surfing to everyone this week.

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