Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Recap...

Well this weekend was busy. Our weekend started a little early even though we did have to work Friday. My parents stopped in for dinner on Thursday on their way to SC. It was so nice to see them because we won't see them until Thanksgiving more then likely. I'm happy to say that they won a game in Uker, I say that because Cray and I always beat them. So kudos to the parents, now the score is 20-5. It's an on going battle. :)

Friday Cray helped a friend fix his computer. It seems that he is doing that just about every week but it's such a great thing that he can help out his friends with his savvy computer knowledge. After that we went to his parents house to pick up just about every tool made by man so we could do house work on Saturday and believe it or not when we started working on the house we thought of about 5 things we needed from his dads house.

Saturday we worked on a BIG To Do list. Of course we didn't finish even half of the projects on the list. It's amazing how little things can really set you back. Cray spent most of his day trying to fix the stupid pressure washer and I broke the air valve on one of the tires on the lawnmower. How was I suppose to know that one little hit would knock it off?? I was just doing what Cray asked me to do and that was to hit the tire back onto the lawnmower. Thankfully, in spite of our set backs, we fixed the siding on the house, moved our mailbox and mowed most of the grass (with a push mower thanks to me) before Cray hit a HUGE ant hill and got attached by mad red ants and gave up for the day. Can't say I blame the man!!

Sunday we went to church and then hung out with our friends Paul and Natalia and played some good old Volleyball.

Unfortunately I don't have any photos because none of our cameras work. Yes I said cameras, we have 3. Note to self go buy a new camera. Hope everyone had a great weekend and that your week is just as great!!!

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