Friday, September 11, 2009

50 bucks for slacks or 25, you do the math

Okay so I have really long legs. Which are nice but also a pain in the butt. Nice because I can reach things up high but a pain because I have such a problem finding slacks, shorts, and skirts that actually fit!! If I actually want to buy pants that fit I'd have to pay just about 50 bucks to order them online. Yes 50!!!

So a couple weeks ago I was at the lovely Target checking out the new fall clothes and I found these...

So I went and tried them on and of course they weren't the length that I wanted or needed. But I started looking at the paints and it looked to me like I could take the hem out and re-hem them. YAY!! So this past weekend I purchased some hemming tape.

The best stuff on earth!! I think I would still use this stuff even if I had a sewing machine!!

Then removed the seam, ironed out the paints and cut my tape to size. Then placed the tape ruff side up where I wanted the hem to be.

Then I just ironed the fabric over top for about 5-10 seconds to make the tape melt.

How easy is that?? Now I have paints that fit and I don't feel like a dork when I sit down and my pants go up past my ankles!!!

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