Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas and goals

So I didn’t realize until this morning that Christmas is next week. I have no clue how that little fact just passed me by. *sigh* Thankfully I have most of my Christmas shopping done. Just a couple little things to pick up this coming week.

The rest of this year is just going to be full of excitement. This Saturday is the Hill Christmas Party. It also is Cray’s birthday. We had to celebrate his birthday this past weekend because of the party but we still had good times. Christmas Eve/Christmas Day is going to be spent with the in-laws. (Thanksgiving was with my family). I’m hoping for New Years Eve to have some friends over for food, drinks, and fun. What a great way to end the year.

With Christmas and New Years Day both being on Friday this year I get 2, 3 (maybe 4) day weekends in a row. SWEET!! So I’m taking full advantage of this and that I don’t have school to worry about. I’m going to clean like a mad woman. I’m going to do my own “spring cleaning” but in December. I love going to school but that plus a full time job really takes away from house chores. My loving husband helps out as much as he can but somehow the house has still gone south.

So my “goal” before the New Year is to have my house all cleaned up. My 2nd “goal” before the New Year is to add some style to my kitchen cabinets. Right now they look just horrible. There is stuff just sitting up on top of them that make it look cluttered. Not pretty at all. Check it out for yourself, I’m not lying.

Hopefully I can spruce it up mostly with items I already have in my house and maybe a trip to the dollar store.

So what about you?? What are you doing for Christmas/New Years? What goals do you want to finish before the New Year?? Speaking of goals, what goals are you writing down for the New Year?

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