Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas lists

Do you remember when you were little, how every year you would make a Christmas list for your parents? I use to go as far as cutting things out so my mom would know exactly what I wanted. LOL.

Now that I’m an adult now and married it’s not the same. Cray and I this year decided to get something together that we really wanted. So we found a car and bought it. Kind of a big gift but a needed one.

Now my mother still insists on getting her children gifts. I always tell her I don’t need gifts but she still always wants to get me something. This year at first I really wanted these cute boots so I told her she could get me those. She couldn't find any but said she would send me money. Well this morning I found these gorgeous curtains on

So of course I gave mom and little jingle and told her I'd love to have these lovely curtains for the living room instead of the boots. Extra bonus they were on sale for 15 bucks!!! So she lovingly purchased 2 for me and they are on their way. YAY!!

I’m slowly but surely turning my living room into what I want it to look like. I have the furniture that I’ve wanted and I’m adding some art to the walls. I want to re-paint but I’m waiting on that one until Cray removes the wall that divides the garage (soon to be den) and the living room.

So what about you? Do your parents still insist on buying you Christmas gifts? What do you and your significant other do for Christmas gifts? Do you surprise each other or do you go our route and go in on something you both have been wanting?

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