Monday, September 20, 2010

Apple Butter 101...

So first off here in North Carolina people love to can stuff. I heard about it from my friends about all the things they have canned and I went to a salsa canning party a couple months back. Since then I’ve been really interested in canning some apple butter. So over Labor Day weekend my friend, Kerri and I decided we need to try it.

What we didn’t realize is that our day project would turn into a week. Now granted we know now that we should cook the apple butter in a crock-pot….makes it cook a LOT faster. So next year if we decide to embark on this adventure again we’ll remember to bring out the crock-pots first.

First off we decided that we wanted to actually go to an apple orchard to pick our apples. That was a blast.

After we picked a ½ bushel each we headed back to Kerri’s and peeled and cut them up. I think my thumb was sore for a week after that.

Then we put the cooked apples in a food processor then back into the pot with the spices to cook.

This of course is where we should have used crock-pots because it took FOREVER. We ended up giving up on cooking it the rest of the way that day and went and had dinner with friends from small group.
The next day Kerri figured she could cook it the rest of the way and can it. That didn’t happen so I brought her my two crock-pots and it was easy sailing from there. Here is the finished project.

All in all it was a blast and I hope we try again next year.

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