Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beach Trip....

Last weekend we took a trip with some friends to Holden Beach. It was very relaxing. I'm not sure if it was just a secluded beach or if no one was traveling to the beach until Memorial weekend but you wouldn't see but 5 other people on the beach that whole weekend. It was wonderful.

We traveled down in two groups. One Friday morning and the other Friday evening. I was in the second group with my friends Darcen and Susan. We got there around 8ish.  This was a place we paced on the way. Not sure why this man has all this stuff but we thought it was interesting and kind of creepy.

We got to the beach around 8ish. The other group had been there since around 1.

Saturday we spent most of the day at the beach. Like I said before no one was really at the beach that weekend so it was very nice. Not to hot either.

Here is everyone playing in the water and the boys playing with the sea creatures.

Saturday night we went to a local restaurant and had some amazing grilled shrimp burgers. I know it sounds nasty but they were amazing. Afterwards we went and played a game of miniature golf.

Sunday we took one last walk on the beach, took some photos and then went back to the local restaurant for one last shrimp burger and went home. It was a wonderful weekend and I hope it's something we can do again.

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