Saturday, June 12, 2010

Colorado Trip...Day 1

Last week Cray and I took our first big vacation together as a married couple. We decided to take a trip to Colorado. One my brother and his family live out there and two Cray had never been to the west side of the country (or on a plane).

I figured it all out and it would save us around 800 bucks if we flew into Colorado Springs and rented a car and drove the 3 1/2 hour drive to Gunnison. So that was the plan. We would spend 9 days with my family and do the extreme vacation. That included fishing, lots of hiking, mountain biking, rafting, camping, and eating some great local food.

The first day of course was flying out. Which was great! I love to fly and it was really fun watching Crays expressions and hear what he had to say about the airports and the flying. He loved the take off. It reminded him of drag racing.

Here is us waiting in Charlotte to board the plane.

Here is the view from the air.

Cray looking out the window.

Us reading while waiting for our next flight from Texas to Colorado.

The view in Colorado Springs.

This is part of Monarch Pass. I've been told that in the winter this is a crazy drive and you would be best just staying put. We did see a little bit of snow here.

That basically completes day 1. A whole lot of traveling but it was still really fun.

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