Monday, June 14, 2010

Colorado Vacation....Day 2

So the next day was Sunday. My brother is the music/youth minister at this great local church. If I didn't think the people would have looked at me funny I would have taken some pictures of where they worship. They don't have a building so they meet in this really cute coffee shop.

Their congregation is around 30 or so people. It's great...I'm so accustom to a very large worship service with a large praise team and all. It was nice to go to something very simple for a change.

After church we went back to my families house and had lunch with some of their friends from small group. It was cool to meet the people my brother hangs out with all the time. I love it that he is close to his friends in small group. I feel so blessed to have such great friends in my small group here at home and it makes my heart happy that my brother and his wife have that as well.

After a great lunch prepared by Desha (my sister in-law) Steve, Cray and I went mountain biking. Now I'm not great on a bike. 99% of the time I'm going to get hurt if I ride a bike. I wanted to give it a try though and check off mountain biking from my list for our week of vacationing.

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Renn said...

I'm proud of you Amber!!!! AND...way to represent our church softball team!