Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Colorado Vacation....Day 3 & 4

Monday morning the guys got up at 5 and went out to the Blue Mesa to fish. I was going to go with them but decided spending 8 hours on a boat with 5 boys didn't sound like so much fun. So Desha, the kids, and I went to the park and walked around town.

Here is one of Cray's catches.

That night we went to a cookout with their small group. Of course we all had to try the fish, it was very yummy.

Tuesday was another easy day for me. We went on a little bike ride with the children and played by the river. After lunch at the Blue Iguana, a great Mexican restaurant, the boys went for another bike ride in the mountains. At this point I'm guessing Cray thought Stephen was trying to kill him.

That concludes day 3 & 4. Some very relaxing days but don't worry some really fun trips are about to come up!

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