Thursday, June 24, 2010

Colorado Vacation.....Day 7 & 8

Thursday morning we finished up our one night camping trip. I think the best part was that morning we had smores for breakfast and the kids where over the moon excited about having sweets for breakfast. lol. I'm sure they are still asking if they can have smores for breakfast, poor Desha.

That afternoon Stephen, Cray and I went on a hike down the Black Cannon. First off this is now my number one favorite hike. It was so beautiful. First as you are walking down you see nothing but rocks, dirt, and sage. Then you start to hear some running water and before you know it a beautiful waterfall is running next to the path you are walking on. It was amazing!! The hike down was easy but back up not so much since we of course had to walk up out of the cannon. So worth it though.

On the last day the boys went on one last bike ride and Desha and I went on a hike close to town. Unfortunately the camera died at the end of our large hike down the black cannon. Someone left the charger at home. Not sure whose responsibility it was to grab it but oh well the camera stayed faithful and lasted almost the whole week.

So that concludes our amazing trip to Colorado. Can't wait to visit again!!

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