Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Colorado Vacation....Day 6

Thursday was rafting day. I'll tell you the truth I was scared about rafting. I was so worried that I'd fall out of the raft and get washed down the river. My brother was so excited and every time he'd bring it up he'd look at me and say "Amber you look more worried then anything". LOL.

So we got a great deal on a raft from the college, and an extra bonus Stephen has a friend that is a tour guide for a local rafting place and he came along with us for free. I think I can say at this point that my brother knows everyone in Gunnison and so we got some great deals. Rafting was a BLAST!! First off I didn't fall out...YAY...and second it was just fun. We didn't take the camera on the trip but took some photos before we went on our way.

After our trip down the river we made a last minute decision to go camping with Matt and Christina. So glad that we made that choice. We traveled back up into the Crested Butte mountains and found a great camping space by the river.

We had an amazing time eating and talking by the camp fire. Of course by morning my back was killing me but hey I camped in Colorado :)

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